Established in 1984, our company is located in the nest of China's main manufacturing area --- Wenzhou .

The manufacturing factory is 102,000 square meters large, with 6 floors and 800 long-stay workers. Meanwhile the weaving factory is 36,300 square meters large with 250 workers working 24 hours (3 shifts). Both factories are filled with advanced and updated machinery equipement .

Specialized in authentic, positive, honest and transparent work, we are operating all year round with various kinds of nice garments and fabrics. Featuring good quality and service, which is our main goal and intention, we are committed to improve our skills to meet customers' needs and satisfaction. 

To achieve this task and realize our commitments, we bought a weaving factory to control all the production process and the quality of products. Considering customers as our long-term business partners, devoting ourselves to benefit mutually in a maximum way and delivering the garments punctually, the weaving factory needs to finish the fabric production imperatively on time, too. The customers' sailing schedules are crucial to both sides, that's why we bought the weaving factory.

To guarantee the quality of our products, we set up a quality control department to make sure  smooth production process. Bulks can be checked not only in production time but also before shipment time. In our sales office in Shaoxing, we have many experienced collaborators dealing with the follow-up matters of all foreign customers. All export services are made from here as well.

In addition, as we do care about customers' satisfaction, we have got the certifications for verification --- IS09001 ( 2001 ) -  BSCI and SMET.